Current MEA documents

A voluntary “Resale Certificate for Property” may be purchased  from Marilyn Estates for $75.00. When requested by a buyer, agent, or title company the written approval from the property owner is required – please email requests to . This two-page “Resale Certificate for Property” includes:

  • Current assessment (dues)
  • Special assessment (if any)
  • Total amounts payable to POA
  • Capital expenditures approved by POA for current year (from budget)
  • Amount of reserves for capital expenditures (from budget)
  • Unsatisfied judgments, etc.
  • Current copy of the subdivision’s restrictions (Deed Restrictions) is attached
  • Current copy of the bylaws and rules of the POA (By-Laws) is attached
  • Current copy of general liability insurance policy maintained by the association

The POA may charge a reasonable fee to assemble, copy and deliver the information, and to prepare and deliver an update. MEA charges a $75 fee.

Fees for other requests

Upon a homeowner’s decision to refinance or sell the property, the title company will likely send a request to determine if the homeowner’s dues are current and if there are other amounts owed to MEA. In addition, a Sixty Day Maintenance Letter may be requested in addition to the Resale Certificate for Property. MEA charges the following fees for these services:

  • Transfer of title (sale) fee – $100
  • Refinance fee – $50
  • Sixty Day Maintenance Letter fee – $75
  • Resale Certificate – $75

Contact to request

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