History of the Marilyn Estates subdivision

Marilyn Estates was developed in 10 Sections with the first Section (I), the 5400 blocks of Lymbar and Cheena, begun in September 1957. Section V included the 5400 blocks of Queensloch, Paisley and South Braeswood and the 9700 blocks of Kit, Oasis and Braesmont (odd numbers only). Sections VI through X comprised the 5500 blocks. Deed restrictions for the last section, X, were filed Aug. 9, 1962.

As time passed the need arose to update, amend and combine these 10 sets of deed restrictions into one stronger, more enforceable set to govern all residents. A committee of 20 residents developed the amended Marilyn Estates Deed Restrictions and 21 residents developed the By-Laws. When completed, the documents were submitted to all the subdivision residents and passed overwhelmingly – even though only a simple majority was needed.

The Deed Restrictions govern land use in the Marilyn Estates Subdivision and the By-Laws govern the actions and operations of the Marilyn Estates Association, which has the responsibility to maintain and enforce the Deed Restrictions.

Several years ago, due to the abuses of several homeowners’ groups, the Texas Legislature created laws protecting individual homeowners from such abuses. Our revised and amended deed restrictions already in place had the checks and balances to prevent such problems – such as open meetings, open records, no secret actions, etc.

2022: The Deed Restrictions are under review again, with changes to keep Marilyn Estates current. If you are a homeowner and want to be part of the process, contact the MEA leadership: president.marilynestates at gmail.com.