Changes to MEA Executive Committee

Dear Neighbors,
There have been some key changes with our HOA Executive Committee leadership: After nine years of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteer service to our HOA, Elizabeth Santikos has resigned as Vice-President of Marilyn Estates Association. Elizabeth was not only a previous President of MEA, she volunteered for many years as a Block Director and was very engaged with her neighbors. Elizabeth has been a true leader in encouraging development of our subdivision as a NEIGHBORhood and has done much to get people out, involved, and socializing. Getting to know our neighbors actually makes Marilyn Estates a more desirable place to live and Elizabeth sets a fine example for us all.
I am personally very appreciative of her work. When I reluctantly accepted the role of President my one condition was that Elizabeth postpone her retirement and agree to serve as Vice-President. She has been a tremendous help in providing guidance and counsel for me and eased my transition into this role.
We all owe Elizabeth a debt of gratitude for her service to our HOA, it’s often a thankless job so if you do see her be sure to express your thanks for all she has done.
Not wanting the position to remain open, I contacted our Nominating Committee for their advice on candidates they’d found for our upcoming elections. Based on their unanimous and enthusiastic approval and then in accordance with our by-laws I presented a candidate to our Executive Committee to fill this role. 
Following a unanimous vote by our Exec Committee I am very pleased to present Ms. Dikla Ronen as our new Vice-President for MEA. Dikla is very excited to accept this Exec Committee position and I have full confidence she will be a huge asset for our HOA.

To help y’all have a better grasp of the person, Dikla submitted the following introduction:

Hello All,My name is Dikla Ronen and I would like to introduce myself briefly.
I was born and raised in Kibbutz Ma’agan, Israel. When I turned 18 I served 2 years in the Israeli army as a combat service supporter. This is where I met my husband who came from Houston to volunteer in the Israeli army. 
When we were done with our military service we both came back to Houston and started our life as a young married couple.
I believe it was my passion for design combined with an inner understanding of financial sense that led me to obtain my real estate license and become a real estate agent. Since then I have become the VP of operations for a big real estate team.
We’ve been living in the neighborhood for the last 14 years, raising our 2 daughters and son, and we love it here.
I am looking forward to meeting and working with each and everyone of you and I want to thank you guys for the opportunity. 

Let’s welcome Dikla. Our volunteers help make Marilyn Estates a fine place to live and raise a family and it’s wonderful to see new faces step up to fill these important roles.I hope to see all of y’all online at our Annual Meeting on Monday, 11October.
Best regards,
Ira Bleiweiss


Marilyn Estates Association