Deed Restriction Enforcement

The Amended Deed Restrictions of Marilyn Estates protect and maintain the subdivision’s property values and quality of life. The volunteer members of the Deed Restriction Enforcement Committee take questions and complaints from residents on situations with properties in the subdivision.


They research the report, and determine via the association’s deed restrictions whether a violation has occurred. Their first response is to contact the homeowner to see if the situation can be corrected quickly and easily. Committee members also have access to counsel (attorney) to issue a warning letter and to determine if other action is needed.

It is in the best interests of all residents to follow the deed restrictions. If you have any questions or complaints, you may contact any member of the Restriction Enforcement Committee.

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Deed Restriction Enforcement

  • Chair Linda Miner   713-826-8077   lindaminer999 at
  • Marla Cotten   832-270-7282   marla cotten at
  • Linda Maraldo   713-729-7086   lmaraldo at
  • Sam Musachia  713-721-7033  sam.musachia at
  • Jim Taylor  832-269.1500   j.stay at
  • All block directors


The Marilyn Estates Assocation occasionally sends important formal messages to property owners, often as a registered letter with return receipt requested. If one is sent to you, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONTENT WHETHER or not you accept the letter. Failure to accept the letter and be aware of its contents is NOT a defense against action resulting from the content. If in doubt, as your attorney.


The City of Houston now has a requirement for citizens living in subdivisions with deed restrictions, such as Marilyn Estates. Here is the information from Public Works Code Enforcement as stated in the Affidavit in Support of Application for City of Houston Residential Building Permit:

“Before you begin new home construction or home improvement project, please consult your civic association regarding possible deed restrictions. You may not purchase a building permit without signing a sworn deed restriction affidavit stating that you are aware of and agree to abide by deed restrictions pertaining to your project. If you knowingly or unknowingly sign the deed restriction affidavit under false pretenses, you could be subject to municipal court citations, fines, and the removal of the structure or violating portion thereof.”

If you have a contractor, he or she will give you a copy of the affidavit to fill in and notarize.